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We are looking for strategic collaborators - organizations or individuals - that can amplify our impact, the voices of the community members, and empower the impact of our storytelling.

We are seeking community partners interested in co-creating the development model and soap production, soap-making artisans for advising, anthropologists who can think critically about our model, permaculturists who can advise systems design , and mycologists who can help us protect the soil and move toward regenerativity.

dear customer,

You're an integral part of our mission, your impact does not go unnoticed or unfelt.

We are here to elevate your daily rituals so you have the inspiration and resilience to tackle your biggest passions. We're a work in progress and proud of it! If you want have favorite products that you don't want to see disappear or new products you hope to see, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll add it to our wish list.

Thank you for being part of our vision and for helping us shape solmaa.

our pilot program.

Our pilot program launches November, extending into 2021. Using a combination of bio-security measures and virtual presence, we'll be testing our model to make sure we are producing the impact we seek. Specifically, the solmaa team will be in contact with four indigenous, rural or marginalized communities to critically assess the development model and body care products.

By donating you'll help accelerate the development of our impact model, empowering local economies through artisanship.

"if you want to go fast, go alone.
if you want to go far, go together."
-african proverb

our network of impact.

Our team is united by deep care for people and the planet. Along with solmaa, they represent their own impact projects, forming an ecosystem of positive change revolving around challenging the status quo to create new systems that protect communities, cultures, and ecosystems through active listening and participation.


cinematographer, graphic design

Dayana is from Quito, Ecuador. She is passionate about cinema, culture, community and the cosmos. "La Causa" is a concept for a nomadic intentional community that documents cultures how they exist and find expression in the present. La Causa documents cultural and practical information (often at-risk of being lost), expresses it audiovisually, and communicates throughout the network it creates while traveling between communities.


artist, musician, designer

Sthefanny was born in Venezuela, where she studied art and worked on many projects using art to amplify creativity and bring hope to kids and communities. She is in the early stages of creating Tembo, an organization that hopes to empower women to reduce femicide and domestic violence in communities with lack of access to educational opportunities and basic resources. Through story, Tembo seeks to preserve culture and heritage.


surfer, instructor

Luis was born in the Manabí province and raised in Olón, Ecuador. As a child he began surfing and quickly fell in love. The passion he has for the sport has led him to use surfing way to empower personal development. He is in the early development of creating a surf camp model that will use surf therapy to improve physical and emotional quality of life for those recovering from various traumas.

your daily ritual is your daily impact.