our pilot program.

Our pilot program launches November, extending into 2021. Using a combination of bio-security measures and virtual presence, we'll be testing our model to make sure we are producing the impact we seek. Specifically, the solmaa team will be in contact with four indigenous, rural or marginalized communities to critically assess the development model and body care products.

By donating you'll help bring our impact model to more communities, empowering local economies through artisanship.

our impact areas.

participating communities.

Shuar Community
Rió Limón, Ecuador

Tucked in the mountains near Bucay, Ecuador lives an indigenous Shuar community alongside Río Limón. The Shuar were a powerful warrior society living between the upper mountains of the Andes and in the Amazonian lowlands in Ecuador and Peru. When oil was discovered in the Upper Amazon, many Shuar were forcibly displaced throughout Ecuador. The community in Río Limón has been moved five times in the past century and now preserve their culture in the coastal region of Guayas. Shuar cultivation and gastronomy, language, dance, and storytelling are still very much alive in Río Limón.

Afro-Ecuadorian Community
Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Meet one of the most resilient communities in Ecuador - Barrio 50 Casas, Esmeraldas. Together they have overcome hurricanes, floods, and fires with creativity and persistence. They’ve overcome obstacles with smiles, life, and gratitude. You won’t hear them say “I can’t.” They are sensitive to the needs of each other, when someone needs help they lean in to help instead of passing along responsibility or turning away from fear. From their food, to their soccer games, to their dance, the community in Barrio 50 Casas is full of self expression.

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Collections that support artisanship and organic ingredients, proceeds that build local economy and empower communities to protect their environment.

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